"There is an intimate and necessary relation between the processes of actual experience and education."
John Dewey (Experience and Education, 1938)

In Patagonian, we believe that the best way to incorporate new knowledge is to interact with it. In our workplace, experiential learning has a long tradition since, over time, it has proved to be the most effective means to acquire skills.

Patagonian Nest is a “Learning by Doing” program focused on hands-on experiences. This program incorporates coach-based training, hands-on simulation, team-based learning, and case-based sessions.


Participants immerse in an active and shared learning environment. Team-based learning provides these small groups of attendees with real problems to solve (which is the “doing” part). Moreover, Patagonian Academy provides content support.

Patagonian Nest works in a realistic working environment: a software development company. Therefore, Patagonian Nest training Programs include a wide variety of topics from Web or Mobile Development and QA Automation to UX /UI designing.

Patagonian Nest Training Process

Consists of 3 kinds of learning stages:

Online learning in a self-paced mode. Modules are completed with community support.

Blended mode
Blended mode means moving to advanced topics with a personal mentor who works in the production phases. The mentor will guide you through challenging tasks as soon as you decide to apply for this stage.

Production Phase
This mode means moving to resolve real-life challenges involving yourself in a Patagonian Team

Patagonian Nest Audience

We consider the program's target audience to be people with a level of experience (seniority at the time of joining), trainees, or junior.

No previous work experience though, familiar with some technology (programming) 6-12 months
Depending on the level required by the training program, having completed Patagonian Academy Training

A defined professional profile (developer, tester, designer, etc.)
Some experience but little autonomy, requiring support to complete non-routine assignments.


Candidates will be selected taking into account their technical skills and potential to flourish as "Patagonians".  

The following are the requirements to be considered (to be evaluated during the selection process) as a candidate
  • Be a resident of Argentina or Colombia, with access to Patagonian Sites.
  • Over 18 years old who completed high school education.
  • Have an English language level that allows reading, writing, active listening, and speaking fluently.
  • Soft skills of responsibility, proactivity, teamwork, and curiosity (among others specific to the role)
  • Make a commitment to the program for six months with full-time dedication and interest in continuing in the company at the end of said program.
  • Hard tech skills as required in each training program (to be determined according to the program syllabus and objectives).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply to Patagonian Nest?
    Only candidates referred by Patagonians and from the Patagonian  Academy ecosystem (we do not take open applications).
    UPDATE! Starting June 2022, we are accepting open applications! They open in periods close to the beginning of each training program.

  • Which hard skills do I need to apply?
    Each program has its specific technical requirements. But, in general, we ask for full-time dedication and a level of English that allows satisfactory oral and written communication.

  • What is the selection process for the program like?
    It is a standard process that includes technical interviews.

  • What is a Nest training Program duration?
    Patagonian Nest training program lasts 6 months, with a Full-time dedication.
  •  Is the program rented? 
    It will be rented and the contractual modality depends on the agreements with educational entities and the basic experience required (including but not limited to internships, professional practices, or employment relationships during the period that the direct program lasts). 

  •  If I am selected for the program, with whom do I share day-to-day?
    The participants of the program (NESTIES) are part of Patagonian Teams. They have a technical coach (tutor) with the necessary ​​experience who is part of the production teams (occasionally with the client) of the company. They have a Patagonian Nest program Tutor as well.

  • What happens when I finish the program?
    If you successfully pass Patagonian Nest Assessment and evaluation, you will be offered to join Patagonian Teams. Your assignment will be made taking into account your skills and the requirements of the projects at that time. If you don't pass Patagonian Nest Assessment, your participation in the program culminates in the coaching stage. Consequently, you will not continue to develop as a Patagonian.

Want to be a Nestie?


The application stage for the 2022 Patagonian Nest program has ended.  We thank all participants for their interest in applying to the program. We have already filled the available slots for the recent stage.

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© 2022 Patagonian. All Rights Reserved.