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Patagonian Academy

At Patagonian, we are committed to continuous improvement, industry best practices and technological advancement. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we developed an initiative called the Patagonian Academy, which has evolved over the years from university agreements and short courses to its current framework.


Academy is a versatile framework that empowers our collaborators and other Patagonian ecosystems to create cutting-edge courses, lectures, workshops, and technical discussions. Whether implemented as an internal training resource or offered as a public edition, Patagonian Academy ensures the highest standards of delivery and best practices. As a result, each edition addresses different needs and provides valuable resources for individuals and organizations alike.

Diploma in Web Programming

Diploma in Web Programming

In agreement with the Patagonian University Institute of the Arts, Patagonian Academy certified different students in basic web programming. [2021]

Extension Diploma "Full-Stack Development of Web Applications in Javascript"

"Full-stack development of web applications with Javascript" diploma was carried out jointly by the Faculty of Informatics of the National University of Comahue and Patagonian Academy. The training was delivered virtually during 2020 and was intended for advanced students or experienced programmers. The initiative sought to train attendees in one of the technologies with the greatest job prospects: the Javascript programming language.

Extension Diploma

UX/UI spring: Digital Product Design

Patagonian Academy team and the Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro (UNRN) designed a cycle of tech talks. "Primavera UX/UI: Design of digital products", took place in September 2020 and was well attended by the public.

Day 1: Design of digital products        

Day 2: UX design, knowing the user   

Day 3: UI design, designing the interface

Introduction to Amazon AWS and Serverless

Introduction to the "Serverless" software development model with Amazon AWS: its advantages over the classic development scheme, basic concepts to understand Amazon AWS and why it is one of the most popular 'clouds' today. [2022]

Tech Talk - Best Practices in Software Engineering

We shared engineering best practices and processes that agile and traditional teams use to make sure the team is prepared for change. In addition, we also learned about practices, techniques, and processes that can help the team build high-quality software. [2022]

Talks to come

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